No Marriage Is Beyond Hope

At this point in your marriage struggles, you might feel hopeless and alone, like you’re drowning in your misery. We get it! We felt that way too, sick of the arguing and tears, ready to quit and walk away. But we gave Retrouvaille a try and found hope. You can too!

You might feel alone. You’re not! We’re here! You might feel hopeless. We get it! So did we! But we found a way to love again through Retrouvaille.

Try the Retrouvaille program. It might be the lifeline that saves your marriage.

We were … threatening to move out and file for divorce. In Retrouvaille, we heard stories and received tools and an ability to practice those, giving us hope and ability to heal and know we have a loving/focused path forward. 


Federal Way, WA

I didn’t see the value in staying together. I felt like I was dying. Retrouvaille gave me hope. The presenters were vulnerable. I heard their stories. It brought life to my soul. I gained priceless skills to help me communicate and build intimacy.


Ferndale, WA