Avoidance Is not the Solution

Men today face challenges that make it hard to be the husbands and fathers we want to be. Then our marriages suffer as we seek to avoid conflict and ignore the disillusionment that weighs heavy on our hearts.

You are not alone. We are men who once stood where you are. We avoided our wives and kids in many different ways: working long hours, staring at our cell phones, pursuing hobbies, etc. You can fill in how you are avoiding them. The outlets are endless.

But we found the strength and courage to reconnect with our wives…through Retrouvaille. You can too.

Find the courage to connect again. Try Retrouvaille.

My wife and I just completed our 6-week follow-up sessions and are very impressed with how well we communicate now, as our level of understanding each other has increased. We think the program is extremely worthwhile and it works, even for non-religious people.


Edgewood, WA