How This Marriage Help Program Works

Retrouvaille is a 7-week program that teaches you tools that will help you heal, rebuild and strengthen your marriage.

Phase 1: The Weekend

The Retrouvaille program begins with a weekend at a local hotel. The presenters are couples who have gone through the program. They share their stories about their struggles and healing while teaching you a new way to communicate as you start to reconnect with your spouse.

Note: During the weekend, you will not be asked to talk about your marriage or struggles. That is not how Retrouvaille works.

Phase 2: The Follow Up Sessions

The weekend is followed by six Post Sessions held weekly on the following six Sundays. The Post Sessions go deeper into the topics and tools you learn about during the weekend. These Post Sessions are also presented by couples who have gone through the program.

Phase 3: Optional Monthly Support

The third phase is CORE, which is an optional monthly gathering for fellowship and continued support.

Retrouvaille is also affordable marriage help.  To learn more, contact us and we will gladly answer your questions. Click here to register for our upcoming weekend September 20-22, 2024. The steps of the registration process are here.

You can also find much more information about Retrouvaille and how it works at the international website: